Extreme Measures


With being home a lot during the day, we were having an issue. The issue of the tidy room. I was sick and tired of having to tell multiple times, aka NAG, set timers, threaten, bribe...ANYTHING to get the kids to clean their room. And so yesterday I … [Read More...]

Preschool Activities for Easter


Yesterday, we got our math, reading, and writing done right away in the morning. So that meant we got to spend the rest of the day thinking about Easter projects. {Trying to promote the benefits of getting work done first thing! Sometimes I'm a waaay … [Read More...]

Playdoh + Color Wheel


We are big playdoh fans around here. I'm not one to shy away from a little mess and it keeps the kids entertained for LONG periods of time. All ages like it. BAM! I'm a fan. I came across this great color wheel activity and knew we had to do it … [Read More...]

Monday Monday


I love that on Mondays we have co-op. I am so incredibly grateful for this group of people that all work together to make this homeschooling adventure something doable and FUN. The first 3 Mondays of the month, our homeschool meets at a local church. … [Read More...]

The Sugar Shack


I love finding local gems in our area. Local people doing things they love in the coolest way. Maple Leaf Orchard is one of those places. It's located in beautiful Spring Valley WI. My husband noticed last weekend that they were out making maple … [Read More...]