These days Instagram is where I am most active. {I blame the little people!!} I'm ingridbarlow over there! … [Read More...]



Here are some of the happenings around here lately. Bergen. Over 5 months now! … [Read More...]

Blue Ridge Growers


The boys, ages 3 and 4, LOVE a picnic. I am asked often and with pleading eyes for picnics. So when I heard the blueberries were in at a local farm I thought it would make a fun outing for them. We snagged dad for the lunch hour and headed over. A … [Read More...]

The garden basket…


Welcome to the garden! This is our main old pasture gate from the property entangled with vines. The perfect way to say "come on in." Espen and I had about a half hour in the garden this morning after we dropped Elias off at Vacation … [Read More...]

Life Changes!!


Jeepers! A lot has happened since I last posted. Our little girl arrived...over 3 weeks early! Rather a surprise. I was a bit worried when my water broke in my 36th week, but all turned out beautifully. Bergen Marie arrived on May 30th at 4:01pm. She … [Read More...]