At home.


For some time I've been wanting to try making a natural version of Vicks VapoRub. The boys are just coming off a nasty cough and so today I finally looked up some recipes and whipped some up. {I little late on this cold, but I'll be prepared for the … [Read More...]

Makings Update

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Another video blog this week! Videos are just so much more personal and up-close. :) Enjoy! Granola Recipe. (I forgot to mention that the recipe also has brown sugar and cinnamon in it!) Crockpot Yogurt. Daily Bread. (Uses whey from … [Read More...]


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Lately I've felt like doing a video post. I LOVE watching and listening to podcasts, so thought you might enjoy this method of posting too. Grab some handwork and join me...or get some dishes done while you watch...whatever! Mostly just sharing what … [Read More...]

Daily Bread


In my last blog, I gave the recipe for homemade crockpot yogurt. hmmmmm...yum! And it really is easy. The by-product you get from making yogurt is whey...a lovely, high in protein, liquid. I have heard of people using whey in smoothies and even … [Read More...]

In the kitchen.


Yesterday I was kind of in a rut with what to fix for supper. The winter doldrums. Not another meatloaf...just had spaghetti has been lacking... Sometimes I find that when I am stretched the thinnest on ideas, something happens, and it … [Read More...]