Becoming Handmade

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Tony and I have been kicking around ideas for some time now on different ways we could share my LOVE for the creative handmade life.  I am so thrilled that we finally came up with one that we are diving into!  The last five years have been a little … [Read More...]

Making Sabbath


This picture captures some of our day yesterday, Sunday. It gets me thinking on what makes Sabbath, a day of rest, for you and me. It could be so many different things... Stillness, playing in dirt, gathering eggs, snuggled in quilts, making … [Read More...]

Spreading Seed


After I collected seeds from last years herbs, I wanted to get some other seed collecting done. I always manage to hawk some seeds from my in-laws, aka the next door neighbors, and this year I decided to go for their beautiful coneflowers. A native … [Read More...]

I smell it…sun warmed mud…


This weather has my gardening fingers starting to twitch.  I feel like I am a little on the late side of seed starting, even though I know I am probably not.  A local nursery told me that they plant tomato seeds on March 17th, so that is what I have … [Read More...]



I recently got a Peep candle for my birthday. I loved the smell so I burned through it rather quickly. There was so much wax left in the container, that I decided to recycle it. That smell! I needed it to last longer!! Some easy steps--wick in … [Read More...]