At home.


For some time I’ve been wanting to try making a natural version of Vicks VapoRub. The boys are just coming off a nasty cough and so today I finally looked up some recipes and whipped some up. {I little late on this cold, but I’ll be prepared for the next time one hits!}  Here’s the recipe I found the most useful. It really came together very easily. I used about 1/2 cup coconut oil, and 2 Tbsp of beeswax.

I also got to dabble in using some of my Young Living oils. I wanted this rub to be good for the boys but also the coming baby so I used 3 drops Lemon, 3 drops Thieves, 3 drops Peace and Calming, and 1 drop Peppermint. The oils and amounts I used are a bit more gentle for baby…namely the peppermint since it is cooling on the skin. Yay for awesome oils!! Oh, and just so you know, I now am a member of Young Living Oils, so if ever you need anything, feel free to contact me. :)  Love exploring the world of natural remedies!

I also spooled up some bakers twine. I LOVE this stuff. It adds such a rustic, chic, handmade look to things. I saw an adorable spool of it at a shop and was soooo tempted to buy it. It was $12.99 and I really had a hard time walking away. I’ve been trying to be resourceful though and I knew that I had plenty of twine at home and that I had this random old wooden spool floating around my house. So I made my own adorable wooden spool of twine. Saved me a few bucks and actually created more room in my making space since 3 large paper spools fit on this wooden one.

And I made some progress on this little hexi project. Next step is to take some embroidery floss and outline the hexi. Then bind it and call’er done. Small sewing projects are so satisfying!!

Makings Update

video blog graphic

Another video blog this week! Videos are just so much more personal and up-close. :) Enjoy!

Granola Recipe. (I forgot to mention that the recipe also has brown sugar and cinnamon in it!)

Crockpot Yogurt.

Daily Bread. (Uses whey from yogurt.)


video blog graphic

Lately I’ve felt like doing a video post. I LOVE watching and listening to podcasts, so thought you might enjoy this method of posting too. Grab some handwork and join me…or get some dishes done while you watch…whatever! Mostly just sharing what is going on in life right now and what I have been working on lately. Take care!

Heart Day


I have been looking forward to Valentine’s Day for weeks now! With the long chilly days of winter, it helps break up the month of February. Plus it is an excuse to do/make fun things!

The boys were rather rowdy the other day so we made a trip to the mailbox to send off our love cards. I made them run the entire way and I think we all felt better after. Including Garbe, the cat, who made the trip with us.
The deer got an earring just for the occasion. {One of my favorite knits!}
I threw some hearts on the burlap bunting I made last year. I think it is perfect to help spruce up the house for the holiday.
I don’t have a ton of decorations for Valentine’s Day, so this adds some good punch. I will be sad to take it down…better think of something good for Spring/Easter to go up next.
This morning we made monster boxes out of an old kleenex box and an egg carton. This is such an easy project and a fun way for the boys to store their v-day wishes. They even added wings and legs to them this year.
And my dear husband showed up at lunch with a bouquet of pine greens he collected on his walk home from work. Totally his style of a Valentine gift! One I may not have appreciated as a newly-wed, but one I cherish now. He is sweet and this says and smells of home.
Loving thoughts to you all on this day!!

Snow Day


Today started with a crazy temp of something like -17. ??!!!? Even a true Midwestern girl can only take so much of this. Thus I decided to call it a snow day–full of makings!
First up is Egg to Penguin by Susan B. Anderson. Elias picked this toy out of one of her books yesterday and was still stuck on it this morning. I gave in and started knitting it. I was rather surprised at how fast it went.


Second up is a project I’ve had on my want-to-make list forever. This is a Wee Wonderfuls pattern called Bunny. I love a wool hand project. The simplicity and beauty of wool… He turned out perfectly sweet. I might have to make more of these to celebrate spring/Easter.


What next? Maybe I should think about the house or supper… Or maybe the kids and I should make toilet roll butterflies…