{On the Edge}


I revisited an old project yesterday. {Continuing the theme of trying to get everything off my want-to-do list before baby arrives.} You Go Girl has a darling tutorial for crocheting trim onto your pillowcases. It adds kind of an old-school whimsy to pillows. Reminds you of grandma’s house. I attempted this project about 4 years ago, but did not like the yarn I used or the end result, so I pulled it out. The pillowcase needed something, so I pulled out some yarn from my stash and gave the project a second go.

My crochet skills have improved over the last 4 years, so the single and double crochets were easy for me. (You can always google those stitches if you need extra help!) I still think my yarn is a bit big…I might try it with a lace or fingering weight next time. And I would have loved to have had a matching blue or bright color to make the edge pop…but that’s ok. Stash is free and handy.

I enjoyed my “new” pillowcase last night with a bit of pillow mist (I will blog directions on making that soon!) and my latest read–Blue Bike. It’s a good read!

Let the pillowcase obsession continue!!

Makings Update

video blog graphic

Another video blog this week! Videos are just so much more personal and up-close. :) Enjoy!

Granola Recipe. (I forgot to mention that the recipe also has brown sugar and cinnamon in it!)

Crockpot Yogurt.

Daily Bread. (Uses whey from yogurt.)

Crochet Buckets

2 sides

I am first a knitter.  I have always wanted to crochet.  For some reason crochet just didn’t click with my brain for the longest time.  And then I got it!  I can’t tell you what it was…the time was just right.  Or, 3x the charm…  All that to say, don’t give up on crochet! It is pretty inexpensive to start, crochet hook+ yarn, and it is a great hobby to take on the go.  Plus, if you learn basic crochet, you can make adorable buckets like this one!

floss bucket

I love this project for so many reasons!  Once you know the “formula” for making one of these, you have complete control on the size of it–width and height.  You can also do some really cute things with the binding top and label.  I can see using these in any room of my house.  Or fill it full of sweet goodness and gift it to a friend!

2 sides

If crochet is new to you or you are a bit rusty, one of my biggest pieces of advice is to use online resources.  I can’t tell you how many times I have watched online videos!   Get busy googling if you get stuck!  One step at a time.


Click here for your easy Crochet Bucket PDF.  There are soooo many things you could do with the pattern–check them out and then tell me what you do!

Check out the pattern to learn how to make easy fabric labels too!

Winter Warmth.


Just rippling along on these cold days!




I have made two of the sweetest baby hats in the last month.  It is called Aviatrix Baby Hat and is FREE on Ravelry.  It is a fun fast knit and has the perfect amount of vintage baby feel to it.


The yarn I used is Amy Butler’s Belle Organic Aran in the colorway slate.   I LOVE Amy Butler yarns.  They are a bit spendy but the feel and stitch definition is fantastic!


Aviatrix has a lot of short rows in the knitting, which is not hard at all, but I did learn that I needed to pick up and knit my turns after the first hat.  You can see a video tutorial on that here.  It’s really not hard, and makes a huge difference on the finished hat.


I added the flower for some girly cuteness.  It’s from my friend Sarah’s  Floral Headwrap Pattern.    (Which is another awesome vintage feeling crochet pattern for adults!)


Time to pop this pretty in the mail!