A few Christmas handmades


I wasn’t kidding when I said I was going to make a few Gathered Clutches, Felted Duffers, and World’s Best Potholders for Christmas gifts.  Many a female in the family got something like what you see below.   The Duffers (slippers) are great because you can make them a rough size and then the recipient can always wash them to snug them up to their size.  I had fun using vintage buttons I had on hand…who knows, those could be real diamonds!  :)    (Tomorrow I will show you some special hand knits I made for Tony, and the things I made Elias!)





Mystery Gift #1


Going to a family Christmas party!  That means I have to finish up the gift I am bringing.  (Because I am required to finish gifts just hours before they need to be ready…I must like the rush…no I don’t.)

Here our some of the “World’s Best Potholder.”  Really they are.  I tried to think up some original motifs–other than the flower the pattern shows–and came up with a coffee cup/steam, and a pot/steam.  Tell me you can make out what they are!  :)



I also made another darling clutch.  I think I would keep this one if I could!  It is darling!!  Gray/bikes/smidge of pink.  yeah, I like it.


So here’s mystery gift #1 that we have to bring for the exchange.  Tony is in charge of mystery gift #2.  It’s good.  Just not as good.  :)

Fiber Projects


My local yarn shop, Athena Fibers, asked me to make a soaker sample for the shop.  (If you are wondering what in the world I am talking about when I say soaker, check out this blog posting.)   I decided to go with size small on the sample just to see the size difference from the medium I made previously.  I like it.  It still fits Elias, but I think it will eventually be baby #2’s since I won’t get it back from the shop for at least a few months.





I also cast on a pair of Vanilla Socks by The Knitmore Girls.   (There is a link for the FREE pattern on the right hand side of their website.  Also on Ravelry.)  If you are looking for something to listen to while knitting, The Knitmore Girls do a great podcast.


This was sock yarn I had in my stash from about 5 years ago.  I am trying a method of using 2 circular needles instead of double pointed needles.  It is going very well, and I appreciate not having to work with so many needles.  With the circular method, you basically have your sock divided on the 2 needles, but only work with one circular needle at a time…the other needle just hangs there and chills out until its turn.   (If ever you are confused about crafting concepts, just check out online videos like uTube.  I do it all the time!)


And of course, for a very brainless project, I started another World’s Best Potholder by Flax and Twine.  I blogged about these previously as well.  Can’t get enough!